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CRASS Games is a digital games store developed by CRASS Infotech.

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CRASS Infotech publishes games of passionate developers.

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CRASS Studios (the game development arm of CRASS Infotech) and its subsidiaries makes games for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, WebGL.

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What our Founder says

CRASS Infotech was my dream which has now turned into reality.
CRASS Infotech is much more than just a company.
Growing every second, strengthening the future.

“Don’t be afraid if people say you are working off the usual track.
People like you bring a change to this world.”

Siddhant Dixit Founder at CRASS Infotech

Who we are?

CRASS Infotech is a Technology Company founded on 29th June 2016 with a technological and religious motive.

  • We create what we love
  • We love our customer's choice
  • Invitation is open to all to join us and be beneficial for each other
  • We love to listen to each and every opinion/idea
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Be Safe

Be Safe is a Zombie Shooter Action Shooter 3D game. Developer - CRASS Studios Publisher - CRASS Infotech

Latest news

Heavily Armed is Launched

Heavily Armed launched on 16th June 2017.   ABOUT THIS GAME     Story – In the year 2043, advancements in cybernetic augmentation and human cloning have changed the world. Awakening inside a prison, you have no memory of who you are or how you got there. Reborn as a cyborg, but haunted by memories […]

CRASS Infotech is Publishing a game developed by Figurehead Studios and CRASS Studios

Figurehead Studios , a game development studio led by Marty Howe had an idea of a Sci-FI shooter game. Further CRASS Studios got involved in the game and helped Figurehead Studios in the development of the game. The game is set in a Classic Sci-Fi style environment (Making you remind of the 2000s Sci-Fi Shooter […]

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